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those are randy's percs from a while ago, and the anemone was one that he ordered in from a wholesaler. It is in one of his customer's tanks as we speak


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They are in the Clipper coupon magazine. You can also find them online at

The new 10 dollar off one added in "some restrictions apply", the old 5 dollar off one doesn't have it. I tried to use the 5 dollar one a while ago but they told me the item I bought was marked with a star and was not eligible for the coupon.


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Thanks for posting the coupon. I was planning ot head over there for some maintenance items, and now it looksl ike I'll have incentive to spend a bit more. As they say: "A fool and his money were soon parted."


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Every time I ask it changes.

I hear the date for the raffle had to be pushed back because customers in Roch area received theirs a bit later than us in Buffalo.


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Man, I was just out there and I didn't see this in time! That store is crazy though, incredible acan collection.

I wonder if they would give me a raffle ticket if I called...?