artisitic flare


displaying male chinese zebra dartfish

thanks all, yeah there was 2 of them displaying in the store (I am their photographer btw) - incredibly looking fish, and very under-rated.
it was in a local store as mentioned - have seen them quite a bit in the UK but they normally seem to be overlooked - probably as they often look greyish in colour. As mentioned, I think this is a male showing hightened colouration.
jclipper -

We are looking to get a few these for or new 210 - our lfs recommended them to us. If it's only the male that displays like this, how do you tell the male from the female? How many would you recommend in a group - we were think 3 or 5. What do you think?
I haven't kept any myself, but have researched their needs for my website - perhaps most important is a tight fitting canopy as they are reputed to be jumpers (like most dartfishes). On top of this, plenty of hiding places and a deep substrate and house them with other peaceful organisms. A group of 5 sounds fine to me - best introduced at the same time. With regard to sexing them, I can't find much information, although I'd expect males to be bigger and more colourful - best to observe the group in your fish store and seek advice of staff there.