ASM G1 Replacement Pump


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I have an ASM G1 skimmer with the G-500 pump. My pump has quit working and I can't seem to find a replacement G-500 pump.

The G1-X uses a Sedra 3500 which I can find. Will the Sedra work with the G1 without modification?

Also, does anyone know the footprint of the Sedra pump? My sump is tight and if the Sedra is much larger than the G-500 it won't fit.




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Actually, Champion Lighting told me the Sedra 3500 wouldn't work as it's too tall. I was looking at using a 3500. They said the Sicce PSK600 is the replacement for the G-500.

funny how they advertise it as a replacement for the G1

"Replacement pump for ASM G-1x & G-2 skimmer."

sicce is a better pump anyway. Good luck and let us know how it goes.