ASM G2 question


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here is the deal, I ordered a used ASM skimmer and got it in the mail however it is the older version (no prob. with that still like it) i am setting up a 75 gal. tank and i just made the sump/ fuge well i thought sence the 75 won't be up for around a month i thought i would test out the skimmer in the sump. now here is the prob. my skimmer section holds 7.4 gal and the return area holds 4.4 gal. so when i did a 10 gal water change from my 46 gal tank i took the old water and put it in the skimmer/return section hoping the skimmer would pull some junk out sence all i have on the 46 gal. is a cheap jebo(hence the reason for the new skimmer) well 3 days later and still no junk i can't even get wet skimate from it. am i doing something wrong? thanks for any help.
Are you getting bubbles crawling up into the collection cup? If not, you'll need to raise the riser and sponge. Like an idiot I raised mine all the way up and had a waterfall coming out of the collection cup. That's my guess. Raise the output tube with the sponge on it, and the water level inside the skimmer will raise.
thats just it i raised the riser and spounge as far as it will go and the bubbles are great but comes up 1" short of the cup
Are you seeing the bubbles climb at all or is it just a fizz? I would give it a couple more days. If it hadn't been used in a while it will take some time to get it going again.
yeah that is about all i see is a fizz when it is almost to the top but won't rise anymore. i will keep it going and see what happends.