Attack of the killer shrimp!


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Every few years, usually two or three years after an El Nino event, large numbers of adult Hemisquilla californiensis appear off Southern California. Occasionally these are encountered by unsuspecting fishermen with nasty consequences. I saved this clipping from a few years ago.

Obviously the photo editor could not find a picture of a Hemisquilla, so he used a photo of an Odontodactylus. Both hurt!

man you think some people would have ahead between their shoulders especially a fisherman knowing to be careful around stuff they dont know what it is. "what a dumass" (like in the commercial where the guy's name is "dumazz" but the guy calls him mr "dumbass"),Chris
Ha, thats a funny commercial. That's Pretty Thick Headed. Honey come here quick. I'm watching the video tape from my batchelor party... Here lemme rewind it. A&W rootbeer commercials are funny. yeah.. if u dont knwo what something is why stick ur hand down at it?