Avar 75G build


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Hey all [emoji1309]

Long time lurker, first time poster.

This will be my first time doing a build from scratch, would love any feedback.

I have an established Innovative Marine 40G that's been moved a few times since about 2014.

I have an anemone that's split happy and slowly taking over the tank. I think there's 4-5 now. Also a large leather, two clowns, starry blenny, a paired watchmen with a pistol shrimp, and assorted snails / emerald crabs.

I've been fairly hands off with the 40 gallon in the last couple years with little kids in the house, but it's been stable as can be minus battling some aiptasia and algae (Using a current USA LED bar that is fairly old which I think is the cause for the algae)

Onto the new tank. I picked up a new to me 75 gallon and drilled the back for an overflow and two returns:



I picked up a bunch bits and pieces from reef supplies (I'm in Canada):

Exciter to try the black sand, love the look of it.


Currently waiting for my brother in law to finish my stand. He's a welder and charging me for just the material (aluminum so don't have to worry about rust as much from the salt)

I have him putting in a divider for the electronic - and he will wrap it as well.


Sump will be a 40G breeder:

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I'm torn on using the 75G, after drilling it I noticed it has a date stamp of 2008. It looks In good shape and holds water. I've had a tank crack in the past, so I'm really not sure I want to chance it.

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Ive been using a standard 75 as my DT for the past 6 years, i keep regretting its depth. i would be concerned about 13 year old dry silicon also.