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I think the new avatar is cool please do tell as my posts are so minimal I can not have a personal avatar so I have none.

please do tell?

A hint of Maori or am I being politicaly incorrect!:worried:
A very old and little known John Candy character from SCTV.

Harry "The guy with the snake on his face" "Your friendly neighborhood adult novelties dealer."

It was always a sketch that I just thought was so outlandish it was hilarious. This guy advertising on TV a bunch of adult toys on sale and always being threatened with having his sponsorship of SCTV canceled except he was the only advertiser and was always trying to push his free speech rights. The whole snake tatoo made it all the more outrageous. In his commercials they were usually live spots and he would put customers on the spot as they were walking out of the store- "Hey Phil- got you some nice magazines I see." "Hey Edith- got yourself a nice present- something on sale- let's take a look at what you got."

It was just a really crazy but short lived routine.
man that sounds funny i would love to see some of the footage:eek1: :rollface:

How about a video link:p

hey so much for my cultural knowledge:rolleyes:
Unfortunately- as I understand it- SCTV was basically a garage production and they failed to procure the rights to material and cannot reissue it until they do.