Baby snail/ slug????


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just found several of these little things, sorry no pic they are only about a mm long.

drab green in color, pretty flat
they use snail,slug like locomotion
body shape is about 2.5 times as long as it is wide
head? point that moves first no features really except the bottom looks like this
head- (> cant really say its a mouth just a line
tail sort of a forked tail with one tip being darker and moves more
in between the fork is a tiny red dot
if i didnt see it move i would assume this was the head with 2 anteni and a mouth

my only stock so far is (im very new to this) a couple of mushrooms, an xenia, a pom pom polyps, some star poyps, blue hermit , and 2 turbo snails, and a yellow tail damsel.

Ive been thinking they may be a baby turbos

Thanks for your help
Could either be a flat worm (bad) or stomatella snail (good). Do a google search on them to find a picture.