Beeping Stream


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I have a pair of 6100 streams on a 7094 multi controller.

They have been running for around 3 montsh continous without problem.

Now, one of the boxes just beeps and the stream will not function.

I took the casing off, bathed the prop and motor mount in vinegar and have reassembled.

The stream still will not fire up and I do not know what else to try.

Is it knackered?



I will show you where the problem usually is. The part on the bottom with the red O ring on it gets cemented by lime and sand deposits to the main drive unit. Work these free and usually it is fixed. The pump isn't broken, that borders on impossible so we just need to find what is wrong with the drive unit. If this isn't it, the brakes are the next most likely, if you hold the prop and turn the magnet back and forth they should smoothly ratchet in and out. If not- back to the vinegar.
Ahhhh, thanks for the pic and the help - I now understand.

Back to vinegar we go!


The time be cleaning gets longer as the parts wear in. Make sure you don't overdo the buffer, calcium or KH and you can get a much longer service.