Best fish for algae


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I'm looking to buy a fish to help with hair algae control. I was thinking of a rabbit fish or a yellow tang. Any recommendations?


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Get your parameters together. Adding the fish may help, but the fish will poop and release the stuff back anyway. You also don't mention what size tank.


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Adding fish to "fix" an algae problem doesn't really work. The fish eat the algae then poop. Poop breaks down into nitrates and phosphates fueling more algae growth. To solve algae problems, it is best to get the dissolved nutrient levels low and as close to 0 as you can.


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I added a reactor, went two days lights out, and started wet skimming. Im winning the fight with nuisance algae.
I plan on adding a lawnmower blenny. It might help some but its a cool looking fish.
Sk8r is correct. Water chemistry and time will eliminate algae.


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You also may want to consider a tuxedo urchin for algae control. No 'animal' will stop algae but some can assist in keeping the nuisance under control. Nutrient control is the real cure.