Best Nitrate test kit?


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I like the Salifert kit. Becasue at a low level you can look through the side and see the color better, and then divide by 10. And it is very fast and easy to do.


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I like the salifert and the API. Prefer the Salifert for ease of use and reading.


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I have only ever used API, and I am getting ready to upgrade all my reef tests to salifert. IMO ATI is very hard to determine NO3 at low levels because the colors look so similar. I may be wrong about this but I think Salifert determines its level by the number of drops you use to change the liquids color. In other words, you get an exact number as opposed to guessing between 0 - 10 or so.


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Thanks for the replies. I use Salifert for Ca, Alk & Mg. I'll try them for Nitrate also.

If anyone has direct experience between Salifert & Elos for Nitrate, I'd like to know the differences.

Tony Romano

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No Salifert is regent as well. Elos and Salifert show color when API reads zero.

I use all three and suspect I will end up using Elos or LaMotte and API in long run. API for daily testing when I am adjusting something in tank. Then use better kit for weekly or bi-weekly testing.

API is cheap and pretty good quality for the $$.

I don't think there is such a thing as an exact number that is 100% reliable with hobby test kits. I've only reached zero with Salifert one time is lots of years, most of the time it has a light pink. I am curious how many of you guys get 100% clear reading on Salifert or Elos?