Best placement of Maxima??


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Hello all,

Just purchased 2 maximas, about 2" range. Was wondering where the best placement for them would be. There's 400 watts in a 65 gal, lighting should be adequate for all locations. Have seen several tanks with them on the sand bottom, but they were all bigger than these. I've placed them on the sand, they keep shifting and falling over.
Should I plan on placing them on rock? Is there a way that small maximas can stay on sand? Is there a preferred way to help them attach to rock, I'm worried they will fall and land inverted.
With my maxima, as long as you place it on a rock where it is directly exposed itself to the light (high up), it should start attaching itself immediately... Within a day or so, mine was well fastened to the rock... just make sure they have enough room to open up...

With your light, I would recommended that you put your clams on the sand. They will be fine there. You will need to tank them out to check them for parasitic snails weekly for a while. It is a bad idea to hve them attach to something right now because then you cannot check them.
I got all my clams on the sand. 16 clams in all.