bimac ID question????


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I gave my friend at the marine importers a list of octo species i would like to get (I didnt add mimic by the way :p )

Anyway, he thinks he can get bimacs because hes had them in before but he cant remeber any eyespots on them. Do juvenile (2 cm mantle) bimacs have the eyespots? I will probably just order them but would appreciate any ideas.

He can also get cyanea (hear my brain ticking?????)

This "zebra" octo cropped up again???? what is it? wunderpus maybe?

All of the first batch of briareus are hatched now, the main batch with mum look like their on there way soon.....

As far as I know colin bomacs have the eye spots from the start. So if they dont have eye spots on them I doubt they are bimacs. Go for the cyanea if you have room for it. That would be one awesome animal. I am still waiting to see pics of your litte ones and your chambers.
Hi Chris,
Spoke to Richard -S- on Saturday. He was after a source of live shrimps, mysis and amphipods. I have him a contact I have. He is still taliking April for cuttle eggs again.

The rest of the eggs have still to hatch. The few that hatched last week had obviously hatched prematurely. Careful examination showed yolk sacks still attached. They all just died.

The ones still to hatch are approx. 1/5 to 1/4 bigger looking than the ones that hatched early. I guess it is any day now. My sis still has the camera but has promised to come through with it as soon as I have a few babies. Dont worry, I'm not holding out on you hehe :)

As for cyanea, I reckon I will try to confirm that is what it is by actually visiting the place rather than courier (about 3 hour drive). I can set up a 72x24x24" tank in another room for it.... If i'm allowed that is... :(