Im afraid of using cupramine.... help


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Freaking worthless ammonia badge... said 0 ammonia but the mimic tang died... I knew i shouldnt have used copper.

Im not dosing it in my main tank after this... no way... thats just complete bs man... if i dose in a qt tsnk how do you stop ammonia in the qt tank.... god this really freaking sucks.

I think im going to give up on salt water... ive lost hundreds and hundreds in fish from this... I cant do this anymore man


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Im so angry man.... i killed my flamehawk by tearing my main tank apart creating an ammonia spike somehow and agitating the sand bed releasing aenerobic gasses... and then i killed this mimic tang trying copper.

I dunno what to do.. but i think i need to immediatly put carbon in and do a water change and just never get tangs and angelfish ever again... Those fish are beautiful.. but it just doesnt seem like itll ever work for me.

If i try to make things better.. i make them worse.... my flamehawk and mimic tang would still be alive if i didnt touch anything...


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This really sucks.. i dont know what to do anymore....... Ive invested so mucj money into these two tanks with like 35 diff corals and rock and sand and fish and equipment.



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It does suck. No mention of a quarantine or hospital tank to deal with treating just your fish. There are many resources on here for understanding what the illness is and what steps to take to fix the issue.


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Ammonia alert badges don't work while using copper. There is something in cupramine that causes false readings.

I'm not sure I followed exactly how you did this, but I would never dose copper in a tank with sand. A piece or two of pretty clean live rock is ok, but will all the mature stuff you are risking large die offs that can cause ammonia, etc.

On absorption, some is almost inevitable especially as you raise the copper levels. So testing consistently is important and throwing out the sand and rock when you are done. Could keep a couple rocks for permanent qt use.

And yes on my comment above, I have and am currently doing 4 straight days of dosing to get to the right level, but taking it one day slower will not hurt anything. Just don't start your count of days the fish have been in copper until you have done the last dose.


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Well the fish left in that tank are damsels and a bsngai cardin they never seem to get ich so i think i should just stop thr copper and work on getting thr ammonia out. Meh

The mwin tank has the foxface and kole tang whome the foxface gets only a spot or two thr kole tang seems ok too..

So i dunno what to do man :-(

After the accidental desth of my flamehawk in my main tank which i never put copper in.. but stirred uo my tank to get the rock and corals out... its just making me wanna put it all back in and desl with ich.

But i dunno this sucks :-(


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Yes, the process can be tough on both fish and fish keeper.
If you had Ick in your DT, then, you, MUST leave it fishless fir 72 days, there is no other way. No meds, no increase in temp, just no fish ( host)

Some fish show a immunity to Ick, this immunity is because the fish is strong, hardy or both.

Based on what I read, just stop doing anything except your normal routine and feed those survivors well.

As soon as you see the first sign of Ick, (smattering of tiny white spots) ALL fish come out and you start your 72 day DT fallow count down.

The fish go to a QT, uncycled, desktop light, heater, small HOB with sponge, same temp, hiding spots.

10% - 15% water change daily and add back the same amount of drops you took out.
It's math, so 30g QT, manufacture reccommend 1 drop per gallon, so 30 drops, every water change, at 10% would be 3 gallons so add back 3 drops.

At worst, you are learning, so don't give up.

If copper still worries you, fir Ick, Hypo works well and easy on fish.

Many of us have been in the same spot, don't give up, just move sequencially, that is only do what needs to be done.

Good luck!


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I put two bags of carbon in the tank i dosed.. just taking the copper out i dint want those fish to die from ammonia poisoning. Or copper since they actuakly never get it..

My main tsnk as i said thr kole tang and foxface get it.. but not really bad they est act normal and thr kole tang had one crazy personality.. So i put all my rock snd corals back in.. Im not stressing thrm out anymore.. no more handd in the tank cept to feed them and use my magnet for algae...

I know you msy not believe in this stuff but if i do see s major outbresk ill use herbtana... I sware it worked great when i used it for 6 days.. it just closed up my corals a little.

For now.. i need to buy a nee 36w uv bulb. Mine isike 2 years old.. i have it hooked up to a 24w uv for 60w combined at 50gph.. slow flow high uv should help a little i hope