Bio Pellet reactor question

Uncle Luke

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Hello all,

I have a Reef Dynamics recerculting Bio Pellet reactor. I have the flow inside the reactor to a gentle tumble. Now my question is, should my output (effluent) be slow if i want dont want to strip my nutreints to quick or should it be faster? I want to remove the nutrients slowly. Thanks


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Yes it should be slow. In the first month you should test often and watch your numbers it should get to a point where whats coming out of the reactor is very slow just to maintain your nutrient levels and not completely flat line them.


So basically the more NP I want removed the more I should open the effluent right and vise versa?

Basically yes, there's a real good video on YouTube about the reef dynamics bio pellet reactor. What they stated is the output line be fully opened (which will strip not NP) on the end of the output line you should place a valve. You would then utilize that valve to slow or speed up the output line. One other thing they'd suggested was to place the output line either near or going into your skimmer.