BioCube29 DIY Conversion


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Hi all,
First time post.
I was gifted a BioCube 29 at Christmas from my Niece.
My plans are to turn it into a Cichlid or Community tank.

What I've done so far:

1) I broke out the Plastic Rear filter area..
it's not needed..I'm going to use a HOB Filter.

2) Last weekend I built a Stand for it.

The Cube is from 2010 and the Silicone was flipping up at the edges.
So I decided to re-seal the tank.
I pulled off the 2 side plastic outer covers and I saw this:

BioCube 29 Glass Gap with Silicone Right Side.jpg

Both sides to the back glass have a gap that is almost 1/4" at the bottom and the touching at the top.
I have never seen a Tank put together like this.
So I cleaned out all of the Silicone and now have this:

BioCube29 Glass Gap inside out Right Rear.jpg

I have ordered the GE 1203 Black Silicone to seal the tank and glass gaps up the rear sides.
So hopefully the Tank will seal up OK.
My niece said that she never had any leak issues.

She did not have anything for the Lights in the hood.
I have had a hard time finding the Specs for the 3 LED Strips.
From what I can gather the Oceanic has 2 ballasts that the 6 pin connectors plug into.

Does anyone know what the LED Light Strips Plug into.
What the LED Light Specs are? DC Volts?
Plug Connector Specs Inner Positive or Negative etc.

I'm debating just gutting the hood and installing something like a

Any thoughts anyone would have on my Cube Repair / Build would be helpful.


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An update to my previous post.

I sealed the Cube with the GE SCS 1203 Black Silicone.
You have to work fast with this Silicone..
It's not pretty but after sitting for 4 days I did a water test and there were no leaks.
BioCube WIP Silicone Seal.jpg

I then ordered what I needed to turn the Cube into a Neolamprologus brichardiTank.

Sponge Filter & Tubing

SunSun CT-202 Adjustable Air Pump

ViaAqua 300-Watt Quartz Glass Submersible Heater with Built-In Thermostat

SeaChem Cichlid Lake Salt

Carib Sea African Sahara Sand

Hygger Aquarium Programmable LED Light, Full Spectrum Plant Fish Tank Light Extendable Brackets with LCD Setting Display, IP68 Waterproof, 7 Colors, 4 Modes

SeaChem Prime

Tetra Test Strips

I found a Rock from the Intracoastal Waterway here in South Florida

I boiled it in a mixture of Bleach & Water.

Hopefully it will be ok.

BioCube WIP Front with Rock.jpg

I now plan on setting up the Cube and put in a few Community fish to let the tank cycle and become stable before adding Brichardi @$15.00 each


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Just a quick thought, 300w is a huge heater for a 29 gallon. it may not fit well, and if it gets stuck on, it will cook your tank.


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I think if any Heater gets stuck on in any size tank it will cook everything be it a 100, 200 or a 300.

The reason I got the 300 is that it will come on the least amount of times and be on the least amount of time.
Reviews for Heaters have stated that the more a Heater cycles the more it will eventually fail.
Get a Larger heater than needed to minimize it's usage and last longer.
I have put it into the Cube and it does fit for it's waterline level.
I will need to unplug it during water changes.

Since I live in South Florida it may not need to be on much.
Though these days there has been days in the 40's
I'll see what I think of it once I get the Tank up with Fish.


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So an Update.
Though no responses to my posts...I have another.

I have finally added Sand and Water.
I'll have to replace the cheap China Background because of the black holes in it that you can see through but other than that I'm happy.
Now let the Tank Cycle and add fish.

It's been a journey....
* Break out the plastic rear filter area
* Scrape off the black paint from the rear glass
* Strip out the old silicone and Re-Seal with GE SCS 1203 Black Silicone
* Add a Waterfall Background to the rear glass.
* Clean the CaribSea African Cichlid "Sahara Sand"
* Added Sand to the Cube.
* Added a Sponge Filter.
* Add a rock from the Intracoastal after Boiling in Water & Bleach.
* Added Water treated with SeaChem Prime and SeaChem Cichlid Lake Salt.

Now let the Cube cycle.

Almost there..the hard work is done and I'm happy with the results

Last update will be Fish & Plants

Cube with Water.jpg


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Heater update.

So far the Heater is functioning as expected it is the Black Shaft on the Right rear of tank..Shown in the picture in my previous post
The adjustment dial is easily accessed via the rear access door on the hood.
I am currently dialing in a solid 79 to 80 degrees F for the Brichardi Cichlids.


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So...Quite a few updates..
After adding water to my Cube I used FritzZyme TurboStart 700 Nitrifying Bacteria to help Cycle the Cube.
A capful every other day for a week...then I added 1 Brichardi.
24 hours later I added 2 more.
I now have 3 Brichardi in the Cube.

I also added additional rocks and caves to the Cube.
The fish have been very happy and relaxed.

I am now in the Quest for some plants.
I have discovered that some of the plants that will work in a Cichlid tank per fish and water parameters are:


* Anubias Lanceolatta

* Aubias Barteri

* Anubias Nana

Best application is to be Super Glued to a rock using "Super Glue" Gel

Microsorum "Java Fern"

* Microsorum Pteropus

* Mocrosorum Windelov

* Mocrosorum Trident

Like Anubias they are best adhered to rocks using "Super Glue" Gel


* Vallisneria Gigantea

* Vallisneria Spiralis

Unlike Anubias & Microsorum these plants are best planted into the Substrate.

So now I will check out these plants and see which ones I like.

Next update.....Plants!

If anyone has preferences for Cichlid tank Plants or what you think would look good in my Cube I'd love to read about it.

Some Pictures:

Brichardi ablove Rock.jpg

Brichardi X3.jpg

BioCube with Rocks & Fish.jpg


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Hi all,
This weekend I went in search of some Live plants for my Cube.

I found two:

* Anubias Barteri v NANA

* Cryptocoryne Wendtii v Tropica "Bronze Wendtii"

Cube Plants Front 1.jpg

Cube Plants Front 2.jpg

Cube Plants Front 3.jpg

Cube Plants Laeft Side.jpg

Cube Plants Right 1.jpg

I have a bottle of "Easy Green" Liquid Fertilizer coming from Aquarium Co-Op and I will pick up some "Root tabs for the Crypto Bronze that is in the Substrate.


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I propagated the Anubias Nana by cutting the Rhizom of the plant.
Then I used the Original Super Glue Gel to super glue the Anubias to the rocks.
I have 2 in the front and 1 on each side.

New Plant Setup F1.jpg

New Plant Setup F2.jpg

New Plant Setup Left Side.jpg

New Plant Setup Right Side 1.jpg


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Well a lot has happened since my last post.
My 2nd TaiTan Light has gone bad.
I had one Fish die (don't know why) the other 2 have been going strong.

I decided to go with a Fluval 3.0 15" 22w light.

I was able to use the same holes and hood cutout that I used for the previous light.
I was curios if the Fluval 15" 22w light would provide enough coverage for my Cube.
I am happy to say that it does.

as with the previous 2 lights I used Plastic Ties to secure the Fluval to the inside of the Hood.

I would imagine that this kind og lighting solution should work whether the Cube is Fresh or Saltwater.

Here's the Pictures:

BioCube - Fluval 3.0 Mounted in Hood 1.jpg

BioCube - Fluval 3.0 Mounted in Hood 2.jpg

Plastic Tie holds the Fluval to the Hood.
The Hoods original Plastic screw posts that the Fluval rests on leaves a space around the Fluval for ventilation.

BioCube - Fluval 3.0 Tied Down.jpg

Cutout For Fluval Switch

Though bigger than I would prefer from the old light still allows me to press the Fluval's switch should I need to.

BioCube Fluval 3.0 Controls.jpg

Cube Lit With Fluval 3.0

BioCube with Fluval 3.0 Light.jpg

So far I Love this Little Light.
It's not a cheaper $30.00+ light but I ended up going through 2 of those.
Unless this Fluval Craps out and dies ( It has a 3 Year Warranty)
The Fluval is worth every penny!

Vinny Kreyling

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Good Job.
A caution here. There are organisms on the salt water side that can Kill you by boiling rock. Cooking rock does not mean heating in any way it is done in a vat or garbage can.
Soaking in bleach is all you need followed by adding a chlorine remover or air drying in sunlight for a few days.


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Good to know.
Thankfully I was not in the Kitchen standing over the Large Lobster Pot with the Rock in it while it boiled away.
I got it to Boil and then sat down to watch some TV for about a half hour while it boiled.
I actually boiled the Rock twice..
Once with just water and then again with Bleach added to the water.

Then the Rock sat on a table outside on my porch for about a week.
My fish are Crazy in Love with this Rock.
Tunneling all through it, under it etc.

Here is a Picture of my Brichardi spitting out sand to make his cave.

Sand in Mouth:

Brichardi with Sand in Mouth.jpg

Spitting it out:

Brichardi Spitting out Gravel.jpg

There is a hole in the Top of the rock that the fish will just swam into..I didn't even know that was a place for them to go LOL
Anyway I Love that they enjoy their Rock that I found just laying on a sandy side of the Intracoastal waterway towards Miami.

Thanks for your Response..If I find another rock like that I will remember what you said.
I just remember hearing to Boil rocks you find before putting into fish Tanks.


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Hi all,
Well I have a Baby Fry Update..

I did not even know that I had a Male & female Brichardi.
But the other day I noticed what looked like something floating maybe from the Substrate being turned up.
Then I notice that the little things are swimming.
Looks to be about 30 to 40 little Swimmers.

I've been feeding them Crushed Flake that they seem to like.

Mom & Dad with Baby Fry.jpg

Mommy & Baby Fry.jpg