bleached GBTA hiding


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I've got a GBTA that's severely bleached, like white, and it likes to hide under rocks (where it doesn't get much light/can't be spot fed). Most threads I've read say leave them alone when they're bleached, but I'm afraid this behaviour will be its demise. Any advice?


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Could water quality be the problem?

I've had the same thing happen with both of my BTA's. They have been in the same spots for 6-8 monthes. They are very pale and don't fully open. They've been this way since after the 1st month in the tank. They don't move though, so I assume the light and flow must be right....the only thing that would be constant through the whole tank would be the water. The reef has been established for 2 years with no sps or softy problems.

Just wondered if something that doesn't show up in testing could be the problem?


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when a BTA moves behind a rock when you first introduce it, then, yes, leave it alone. however, BTAs can be quite stupid creatures and sometimes they WON'T move, even when they need to. so I usually like to give them about 3 days, and if they're still hiding, then I will take them out and move them out to the open.

you should definitely start moving that guy out and feed him, otherwise, he will just shrink and start deteriorating away.