BlueThroat trigger eating small fish


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damn...noticed the entire tail missing from my bangaii today..
this is after 8 chromis were torn apart.
also ripped part of the tail off the firefish..

i took the fish out of the tank after the firefish issue and when the fish didnt show up for over a week i figured he leaped out and put the trigger back in.
needless to say, he's back out now for good.

anyone else have aggression issues with this species..damn nice fish..too bad..
:D Awesome killer fish! I had some in my aggresive tank w/ puffer, eel , blowfish...etc. It's a killer! Whenever i drop livefish for them to dismember, i sit back and enjoy the show.
One thing with the Blue throat Trigger and other Triggers that are considered more peacefull is that they "learn" to be agressive!!

Take a Blue Throat, put it in an a tank with agressive fish where he have to fight for its food or die, feed it live fish which he will recorgnise as food and he will evetually become lethal.

I'm not saying that this is what you did with your trigger, but it might be what happened in the LFS, of course it also can be that this trigger arrived "psycho" from mother nature....:D

I'm basing this theory on few occassions with O.niger which were 100% reef safe incld shrimps and then moved to agreesive tanks, once they are with the agressive community eating live food there is no turnning back.
FME, No Blue throat nor M.vidua which were in agressive tanks were able to make it succesfuly in a reef tank, the other way IS possible with these 3 species in high percentage.
Mine is a little baby. My black durgeon trigger tell his what to do. But a killer, it could be if he wanted to be.
I hope mine stays nice as he is my favorite fish.
I've got a Female Blue Throat and 2 Tank Bred Bangaiis. No problem. They all go up for food together. I guess every fish is different. I used to have a Pinktail. It was a bit of a Wuss. No trouble.I also resd they like to eat Hermit Crabs, but I've got loads of those guys, and the Trigger wont touch them. Not too sure about putting a Cleaner Shrimp in though!!
hhhmmm my grandad got two males and was going to give me one (but didnt accept incase trigger ploice found out). But his are both 5inches and are fine with a boxing shrimp,hermits,mithraxes (emeralds),snails, a royal gramma, a sixline and some fiji damsels.
Portsmouth Reef,
Which do you like better, the BT or the pink tail? I'm talking alround; color, behavior, eating, personality. I'm leaning heavily towards the BT but a friend keeps telling me pinktail, I haven't seen a pinktail in person.Thanks.
pinktails are awesome fish...very persnonable..grow larger the the bt. there both cool fish..if you have the room i would go for the pinktail....
The BTT has a less chance of going 'trigger' on your tank. The pinktails are nice but the chance is higher.
The lfs by me have a Pink Tail that went trigger on a its tank mates one day. Killed/maimed. Not pretty in pink.
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the above are very dull compared to Odonus Niger. Stunning fish:bum:

I agree, however upon trying one first... he killed one of my flasher wrasses by biting off one of it's pectoral fins (the entire thing)

Plus, they get 'very' big.
Yeah I heard the BT's are a safer bet. Unless the pink tail really WOW's me when I see it I'll probably stick with the BT.
i heard a few things about O.Niger, but nothing about the BT or PT.
this was a surprise that i didnt see coming..perhaps the fish needed to be fed more..but dang..that sucks.