Bowl feeding


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How long does it take to bowl feed? Is 30 minutes an unreasonable time to wait for the water to clear up? Or does it take longer? Or lesss time? Or does it depend on the clam?
This is the first time I've tried it because one of my croceas (a baby) has not fully extended it's mantle for a few days.
What exactly do you mean by "bowl feeding"? Placing a bowl over the clam and feeding it? Or what do you mean?

Bowl feeding is either A) putting the clam in a bowl of tank water to feed it or B) placing on object like a pop bottle with the bottom cut off around the clam and placing the food in the bottle.
Yes, I know that Travis.. I was asking him if that's what he meant.. so I could futher more answer his question..

Whenever I bowl feed my clams, I aim for 30-60 minutes. As soon as the water clears up, take the clam out and place it back in the tank.
my baby max usually clears his bottle in about 20 minutes. I use the "pop bottle" method. And I feed him every other day. In the 3 weeks I have had him he is already showing signs of growth.