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I have the stand frame built but for the life of me I am drawing a blank on how to cover the stand. Do I cover it in plywood then cover the plywood in trim wood?

Any help??

That's one way (and probably the easiest). It depends upon your skill level and tools available.

From memory, your stand was fairly narrow; be sure to lag it into a stud when it's in place so it doesn't tip.
Thanks guys..

I got a piece of furniture grade 1/2 inch and then I will use some nice 1X6 for the outside this should cover it up nicely.

I used thick oak plywood on the parts that I wouldn't see the edges of the boards and solid oak where I would.
If you can wait a couple of weeks, you can bring everything over to my garage/shop and we can put it all together (if you don't have the tools to do it yourself).