Is this raised floor safe for a 75g aquarium?


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I recently bought a stand and 75g tank that I'll be setting up but I have a question whether I should put a piece of plywood the size of my stand under it to help distribute the weight of everything?

I'm in a basement apartment and have a raised floor in the room where I want my tank to go but from what I can tell there's just 2x4's under it on their edge and I'm not sure if I trust it enough without it buckling or something happening.


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The raised floor is topped with plywood and is on top of a concrete floor I assume, so I don't really see a problem.
Assuming the picture on the left is your stand, the back legs will not be a problem, but you are point loading a fair amount of weight (in the range of 250 pounds per leg), I would stand on one foot where each of the front legs are going to rest and bounce on that foot. If you see or feel any deflection I would set the tank on 2x4’s to distribute the weight.