brita filter???


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Have anyone here try to use Brita filter instead ro/di system? .. is worth to try it?.. I know brita is better than tap water...


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Brita is a carbon type filter... It pulls out heavy metals and usually lowers Totally dissolved solids by 25%... If your starting at 300 TDS it will end up around 250 TDS... Our bodies have to have trace elements in the water we drink... Brita filters will never get the TDS of water to 0 TDS. Your goal should be 0 TDS which is only hydrogen and oxygen molecules without all the extra trace elements the city puts in our water in order for it to be consumed. If high TDs water is used algae will consume any trace elements they can in order to grow, Phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, iron, etc. If you use 0 TDS water there are no other elements in the water you are using for top off or mixing synthetic salt. Another benefit for using 0 TDS RO/DI water is the deionization that occurs allowing the ability to absorb vital trace elements that you dose in your system, such as magnesium, calcium, and alkalinity. Hope this helps and wasn't over the top. ;-)


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It all depends on what is in your tap water to start with but chances are very much against it. Most tap waters are packed to the brim with phosphate that was used for cleaning it and will give you endless algae problems. Other things in your water could also accumulate as you add topoff water. 0.0....05 ppm copper might not seem a lot but add 2 gallons of it every day to counter evaporation and it builds up quickly.