brittle star care and needs


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just got home from my LPS with some fiji live rock and off popped
a small star i post in the lounge for a id and was told its prolly and brittle star
its very small and white about the size of a quarter
what are his demands?
special foods?
light cycle?

also the tank is very new and only has live rock in it and what ever hitch hiked on it
no fish or corals yet
(be sides live rock i have filters and lights and heater and all the basics)
thank you for your help

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Sounds like a micro brittle star. They are harmless detrivores. No special will forage for leftover food during the night.


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ok. about a hour after i turned the light off last night, i turned it back on and the star was out and went back under the rock, so do you know of any lights i could hook up that i could still see everything in the tank at night but wouldent bother the nocturnal critters?
thank you


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buy a small flashlight from walmart with a red lens..about 10.00 this doesnt scare the critters making better viewing for you