michael fruth

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i have a 55 gal aquarium that been cycled for 3 weeks and setup for four weeks (i bought aquarium used and brought back 40 gal. of water) i have a percula clownfish and a twin spot goby(three days ago) urchin cleaner and blood shrimp, two10000k power compacts and two 7100k atinics, tunze 6025 when could i buy a BTA?
How deep is the tank, and what wattage are the PC lights? I would wait at least 4-6 months for the BTA, although most will likely say 6+. Start with some easy coral in the mean time, and work up to some LPS. If you can maintain the LPS for a good length of time, you should be alright for a BTA.
I'd say to wait a little while on an anemone. They can be pretty finicky, especially when first acclimating to a new tank. Start with softies/shrooms, move to a few lps and maybe some montipora. I would recommend a long-tentacle anemone, rather than a BTA. I've kept both, and the LTA needed less exact water conditions and less light, IMO.