Bubbles in display


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Having a problem with bubble in display. I have a multi chamber sump. When I use a turkey baster to blow them off they return in a few minutes.

I think they're coming from both return and the bubble are on all the rocks and overflow box.

Not causing any problems other than making me crazy. Corals and fish all are fine and parameters are solid.

Thanks for any help


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So that worked and narrowed it down to the returns. Strange thing this was never a problem and started out of nowhere. I have the trigger systems cube 20 And cannot figure out why the last chamber drops off then pulls tons of bubbles into the display

Considering placing small amount of filter floss in bubble trap between dude and return chamber

Vinny Kreyling

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The last chamber drops because of evaporation.
It shows up in the return section & that is where your ATO should go to prevent it.


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Thats what I thought it was so a few days ago I dialed back the return up and leveled the water off so there was minimal drop off and still produced bubbles.


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How much flow are you running through the sump. Too much can pull bubbles. Also check your plumbing could be drawing in air at a fitting

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There’s really no reason to run more GPH on your return pump than is needed to supply your skimmer, mechanical filter and refugium a decent supply of display water. Return GPH is very expensive both in pump price and power consumption. Also, the higher your return GPH, the higher the water level will be in your sump during a power outage.