Bugs on sps


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Today I noticed a couple of reaaaally tiny creatures crawling over a couple if sps frags. They are brown in color, I could not see any hint of red in them. They mover fairly quick.
I dont have a camera good enough to snap a picture since they are so small.

What could it be? Red Bugs?

Thanks in advance

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There are likely many more. Redbugs would be my first thought. They are not always uniformly red. Most of the ones I've seen we generally yellow bodied with small red heads.

Even if they aren't official redbugs, if they are small arthropods (bugs), redbug treatments would likely be effective.

IMHO, redbugs are like coral fleas. One or two aren't likely to cause a lot of damage, but get enough going and there will be issues. I've been fortunate to not have had them recently, but always treated for them in the past when noticed.