Build my led individually controllable fixtures?


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Hi all,
The forums on build my led indicate that they were planning to release a product "toward the end of this year " that would allow individual led control for more advanced lighting control.
Does anyone know if that's close to happening?



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Since they take an Apex 10v signal, you can probably use a DIY controller if you were so inclined. Individual channel control might not be possible though.


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I am also waiting for this info. I started a thread on there sponsor forum and this is what there replay was:

"Hello. Sorry for the late reply :) Yes, we are working on a more advanced controller, as we currently only offer a manual dimmer with our lights. We had to spin a third PCB, and it is currently being produced. Once we validate the new layout, we will build some beta units for the local testers in Austin. Once that phase is complete, we will incorporate their feedback into the product and move into the production stage. Hence, we are getting close, but we still have some work to do

It will control three different channels, so it will be able to control a moon light on one of the channels. It will also control our new multi-channel fixture that is also in development. Our current fixtures are dimmable, but all of the LEDs dim together. The new fixture will let you specify the colors you want on each of the three channels, and the controller will allow you to set the schedule for each channel of LEDs

I will definitely keep you updated!


so all that said i ask a couple of times if they have an idea on the ETA but no replay...
I hope they come out with a teaser video to let us know the details soon. price would be nice too right...gonna wait another week or so then just go with the reefbreeder photon series...
I guessing around xmass?? but how knows...


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I called them last week and asked for an update and they said they had no ideas when they would be released.


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Hi Mike,

It looks like the long path to launching our multi-channel controller is finally reaching its goal...launch date will likely be in the next 3-5 weeks! We'll post news in our sponsor section of the forum when it happens, or you can subscribe to our newsletter. Multi-channel fixtures will also be launching soon. Let me know if you have any further questions!