c00kies 65g DSA Rimless build - time to start a new


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Hello all! My first post here! Looking to share my new tank build, and hopefully come across some advice!

I was in the hobby a few years ago with a 24gallon nano cube. I took a few years off because I was moving a lot and it was just too much of a hassle. Now that I'm situated, I've decided to get into it!

I purchased a 65g DSA rimless and decided to build my own stand! I finished my stand a few days ago, and got everything plumbed yesterday. My equipment is as follows;

-DSA 65 rimless
- Trigger systems 26 sump
- eheim 1260 return
- Bubble Magnus curve 5 skimmer
-Current USA 36" led fixture
- 3 Korali 1150s with moralize wave maker
- Eheim jäger 300w heater
- maxspect nano for refugium
- 3/4 Herbie, 1" emergency, 3/4" return line

I'm waiting on 60lbs of dry rock from BRS, I plan to cure in a Rubbermaid. I've never cured rock before, any tips? In the meantime I'll move the tank inside and get everything setup and situated for the final setup!

Right now I'm doing a leak test, so far so good. It's my first time plumbing so I'm proud of the results!! Although the drain line into the sump is noisy and is spouting bubbles! It's probably 5 inches below the surface both in overflow and sump. Maybe an air leak in the line?

I hope yall decide to tag along! Id love to hear your opinions and advice!!