calling all 75 gallon


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We'll I was planning on doing a 120 gallon tank.But it will be finacially easier to just restart my 75. So I need some motivation....lets see them 75 gallon tanks. Try and include your set up too>:D


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Well I don't have a 75 mine is a 72g Bow but it's close enough that I thought I would reply. Here are a few pics of my tank.




I have a 20g Tall that is a dedicated fuge under the tank. An ASM G4X recirculating skimmer and a 55g frag tank that is plumbed into the system as well. I use LR, LS my fuge and the skimmer as my means of filtration. The tank has been up and running for 3 years now and is doing very well. Lighting: Dual 175MH (10K XMs) 220w VHO Actinics and 108W T5 Super Blues.

Hope that helps you some.


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Here is my 75



Standard 75. 2 X 175 watt Iwasaki 15 K's and 2 x 110 watt actinic VHO's. Euroreef CS 6-1 skimmer and a 39 gallon rubbermade sump.


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Well I don't want to tread all over the thread but yes I do have tons of pics of my setup. The stand and canopy I built myself. I built them to accomidate up to a 120 (4' tank) so that is the idea behind the extended canopy. With the bowfront I had to make legs for the front that extended past the ends of the tank. So I wrapped them in rope and there you have it.


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I like Froggy's tank, I had a lot of lace rock in my tank and took it out cause it was to crowded. At this point we have the rock on both side's and a display sand bed in the middle. We've hd tank 2 yrs and a lot of our corals are fairly new. WE started with a few fish and the LPS that came on the live rock. I had a problem with mithrax crabs about 6 months ago and I ripped the whole tank apart and dug them out. I pulled 8 of those stinkers out of my tank! When I put it back together I put in a few rocks at a time to avoid spiking the tank. At this point I really like it more than before. We have 2 caves, one on each side of the tank and the fish love those.
Pictures are there. I started adding the corals about 6 months ago so most of what I have is new.


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Sorry I didn't mean to hijack the thread.
Thanks for the extra pics and info - Ziggy.
Hope to have my 75 up and running soon.


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I know of a guy that uses only VHO lighting but I don't think he is a memeber here. Is there a reason you want to use VHO only? If I couldn't have MH I would go with T5 over VHO. JMO.


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Really nice tanks all. Here's my "too broke to stock" tank.


Electricbluelizzy, I love that rockwork