Can Hermits flip back over?


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I noticed one of my hermits laying on it's back(shell) last night. Didn't appear to be struggling, but then I began to wonder if he could physically get himself back upright, so I flipped him over manually. Can /do hermits flip themselves on a regular basis?
ya they can usually flip themselves. One of mine just came out of its shell altogether and flipped the shell back over lol. I thought that it was a pretty smart move by the hermit :)
yeah everyones right if they get really agitated they can just come out of the shell. sometimes they are just relaxing like that.
Hermits are very good at controlling their shells. I had a zebra hermit that looked like he was stuck so I tried for hours to get him out of the crack. I finally gave up and went to bed. In the morning he was cruising around like nothing ever happened. I also noticed he would wedge himself in the same spot every once in a while.
Like they said. A hermit is not stuck in his shell. He can leave and find another shell if the one he has becomes unsuitable for any reason.