Can I add a CBB Fish


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Can I add a Copper Banded Butterfly Fish to my tank, I don't want him getting killed or him eating my Anemone or Shrimp: here is what I have
180g tank (Has some Glass Anemone and tons of Pods)
Mixed reef with all the Families of corals
Blonde Naso 4inch
Sailfin Tang 3inch
Cleaner Shrimp
Clown Fish with 10inch Anemone
Lawnmower Blenny



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Yes feeding is the key. Lot sof Mysis and blood worms. Make sure to feed multiple times a day. These fish are difficult to keep but not impossible.

Good luck

Green Thumb

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Id say watch out, especialy if the tangs are established. They can sometimes bully around a butterfly. Adding him during moonlight time is what I would do. hth


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I have a CBB

I have a CBB

I bought mine off line. I have had it now for about one year. The only thing i have seen it eat was all of my feather dusters (Which is why i bought it in first place) Well he did the job and ridded my tank of the hundreds of feather dusters.

Once the dusters were gone, i dont know what he was eating. I put muscles, clams, scallops, blood worms, mysis, krill, local fish store food and he did not eat a thing. I see him pick at the rocks and i assume that he is eating copapods.

I have no idea what he is eating but he has been alive for about a year now. Good luck when you find one.

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My Powder Blue attempted to bully new CBB, the CBB stands his ground much better than i would have expected. I suggest making sure any CBB you purchase has been in store for at least a week. Also I believe a very slow drip acclimation is helpful, as well as previously suggested that it eats.