Can someone explain this please


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I've had my new tank running for a couple of days now. The rock was "fully cured" LR from Fosters and Smith.

I could not get a head of foam at all to form in my skimmer. Nada. But I just attributed that to new water, new rock, and no organisms yet to have any protein.

Well, I got a couple pieces of starter LR from a buddy. And the tank has been running as described above with the new rock. No changes. But the rock has small red feather duster worms. I was feeling bad for the little vermatid fellers, so I thought I should feed them.

I mixed up probably 1/2 tsp of cyclopeze and dumped it into the tank. IMMEDIATELY, I started to get a cloud forming of microbubbles. Seriously, the whole tank water clouded up. The water in the skimmer body, the water in the sump, and the display all became super cloudy with microbubbles.

Panicked I checked the return pump for a break in the plumbing. I thought I was getting a venturi effect drawing bubbles in. But nothing is wrong with the return pump.

8 hours later, the water is cleared up again. Still can't get a head of foam in my skimmer, but at least the microbubbles have abated.

Anyone care to give an explaination of why cyclopeze caused a microbubble storm? :worried:

Thanks in advance.


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A bacterial bloom suddenly could cause an increase in micro bubbles. But I'm leaning towards an increase of proteins. This was happening in your ten Nano?