Can you identify My Mantis???


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I just got my mantis about 2 weeks ago and I finally saw him today. He is about 1 inch long and a dark olive green color and down the back he has horizontal Orange lines. Also he doesnt have the round eyes, he has the long oval ones.

I was also wondering if he was a spearer could he still break the glass of a 10 gallon tank?

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The good news is that there is no 1 inch mantis shrimp that can break a glass aquarium. In fact, I would say that until you get to at least three inches, glass tanks are completely safe and it is only until you get to 5-6 inches that you should be concerned.

The bad news is that without a picture or a more detailed description, I don't have a clue. Are the orange transverse lines thin, inter-segmental lines or more broad? There are several small smashers (gonodactyloids) that have elongated bilobed eyes, but they are quite variable in color. If it is a smasher, my guess would be a a Haptosquilla or Chorisquilla. Did the animal come from the Indo-Pacific or Caribbean?