Casters under a 55gal?

Posledni Czar

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No... I'm not crazy, at least I don't think so...

I'm thinking about putting casters on the wood stand for my 55 gal. I do not intend to move the tank full, but I would like to make it easier to move. I will be moving this tank off its current metal stand this weekend onto a wooden stand, but I also know that I will be moving out of this house in the next couple months, and am thinking of ways to make that move easier.

The tank: this is an old-school 55 gal with the thicker glass (0.25" I think) and a large glass brace across the top. It is a freshwater planted tank that has been set up since 2004 and it is thoroughly grown in. When moving the tank in the past, I have drained the water down to about 1" but left the inhabitants, plants, and substrate in the tank. Man was is heavy to move!

The plan: My thought is to augment the stand with a piece of thicker plywood screwed into the bottom to reinforce it, as well as to provide a floor so to speak. Next I am going to screw a 2x4 frame with two crossbars at 16" and 32" along the long side. This is what I plan to mount the casters to, 300+lb rated casters from Lowes probably. I'm planning to have a caster in each corner, with two locking on opposite corners, as well as a caster where the crossbars meet the outer frame and 1 in the middle of each crossbar for a total of 10 casters. I will also trim the top of the stand to prevent the tank from sliding off of the stand, as well as trim the bottom to cover up the casters. My thought is that with a combined rating of 3000lbs, these casters will be more than sufficient to support the tank when filled at approximately 600-700lbs.

I do still intend to move the tank with an inch or less of water and the substrate, but I feel that this would make it much easier on me. This upcoming move will be about 18hrs driving distance, probably with an overnight stop, so I would at least partially refill the tank while loaded in the trailer and run a battery powered air pump. The current inhabitants are a couple Corydoras and a massive colony of cherry shrimp. I might try to catch the Corys, but that may prove to be a futile endeavor.

Please tell me why I'm wrong in considering casters, and possibly how to make this plan better or propose a different solution before I go dump a bunch of money on materials?

Vinny Kreyling

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I think you could be in for trouble if you hit something by a caster while moving.
Certainly hope you do not plan on using the stand while traveling, that's a recipe for disaster. You will need to keep the water warm so a cooler would be better with heat packs. A furniture dolly would be better IMHO.


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No. 8 lbs per gallon x 55 = 440 lbs. That's a lot of weight for casters, and a big disaster. I manage an 800 lb tank with teflon glides under it. And reduce the water level to 8" in a temporary drain to a barrel when I do that.


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I did that with my 90 gallon as empty as I could make it...home depot buckets came in handy

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Holy crap! 10 casters? If the stand is solid you could sit that on 4 HD casters and never worry. If you are worried about your stand bowing in the middle then use 6. A 55g is not very long. Just brace your stand well.

Those HD casters are no joke in what they can hold up. I store and move around an entire 3800lb car on 16 of them. Moves like butter.

My welding table has 4 of those Lowes ones and I could probably shove a small elephant around on it.


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I was able to mount two pairs of refrigerator moving rollers last year. The tank is a IM 40.
I can move the tank while full, away from the wall for cleaning and maintenance. Takes about twenty pounds of pull. Rolls very smoothly on tile.

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