Cheap frags FS


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Just moved the tank and I made some frags in the process.
Better deals for multiples since everything's cheap, I would rather not deal with $5 meetups. Pickup in 85340. Corals are ****ed but bouncing back. Photos taken a few months ago before breakdown.
Text for faster response: 714 sixnine 83838

Wwc nirvana Zoas
Currently selling for $99 on their site but obviously they're common now.
Asking $5 a frag
4 available
Range from 3-5p


Wwc dragon eye zoas
Couldn't find prices. Brightest Zoa in my tank by far.
Asking $20 each
Range from 4-12p
10 available


Wwc jingle bells
Free with first 6 buyers.
1/2" frags
6 available

Jason Fox Fireword Clove
Pink and green
Currently selling for $89
Asking $10 each
12 available


Large Red scrolling monti-6"+

Seasons greetings encrusting monti
2 available
2" approximately
$5 each

JF green goblin monti
Currently selling for $29

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