Check out my tank specs....


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Ok here is my complete set up:

75 gallon Oceanic reef ready
125 gallon sump with 100 gallon refuge over top with 400 watt 5500k hamilton lighting over cheatomorph
return pump iwaki 70rlt
MTC 3000 protien skimmer...iwaki 100rlt feed pump
MTC Pro Calc Calcium reactor
Neptune Controller for PH,ORP,TEMP
Ozotech 150 mg ozonizer ran thru skimmer
2 400 watt HQI PFO Ballast running Radium Metal Halides
2 95 watt actinic white VHO's sunrise and sunset
circulation: return water returned thru grid under reef
2 seio 820 for extra circ
1 maxijet 1200 for circ
1000 watt titanium heater
MTC Pro kalk dosing setup for kalkwasser 24/7
125 lbs of totaka, pukani, bali, and indo rock for reef

Tank specs.
SPS only tank
flow: turn over 39 times an hour
lighting: 13.2 watts per gallon heavy blue kelvin
Ph: 8.0-8.2
Calcium: 500ppm
DKH: 8.5
Nitrates )))0
ORP 425

Any recommendations for improving the system???? Still having problem with cyno......and cheato is slowly dying off starting on top.... turns white then cyno takes over..... removing dead stuff daily. Corals doing well.... all acros have polyp ext. 100% at night and about 40% when lights on. Cannot figure out why the cheato is dying never had a problem in the past. Why the cyno??? Checked my TDS on my ro unit about 30ppm I do not think that would cause cyno!!! Any reccommendations and advice would be appreciated.



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i would up the hermits and snails until that cyno is gone thats what i did then sold them back to the LFS when i got it cleared up

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do you have heat issues? thats a lot of light over a 75 but you ca do what you want i hope you know that when your acros grow im first in line for frags of them so let me know and i would reccommend a mix of all but mostly mexican reds


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No I watch my heat closely....4 muffin fans in the canopy vents on both sides.... Sump located in a cool dark basement with a large fan on the sump....temp runs 77-79 without fail. I figure the basement return pipe to the sump from the tank, and the sump itself act as a heat exchanger...basement always 62 degrees.


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where is the cyano breaking out - fuge or display? color of cyano breakout?

Limit use of ozone for a while - I run my ozone only at night (10 pm to 4 am) and immediately noticed an improvement.

How much skimmate do you produce? Wet skimming or not?

Increase flow in your display, not sure but sounds to gentle, SEIO 820's are kind of wimpy...

How much do you evaporate? Evaporation is good for SPS, increase it by increasing flow water flow and air flow at water surface

You did not mention your scheme for you manually pour in RO/DI when it looks like it needs it? Describe your top-off approach...

Ca+ = too high for my personal taste, 500 not needed, may cause unstable conditions depending on the system...


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Cyno breaking out in display and fuge.....stopped running ozone 5 days ago, produce 1/2 gallon a week of skimmate.....dark and smelly...evaporate 1-2 gallons a day... fan very big on sump..... drip kalkwasser 24-7 manually controlled by me to line sketched on acrylic sump. Basically a little over 1 gallon of kalkwasser a day. CA has been hard to control...especially dripping 24/7 but alk stable at about 8-8.5 dkh. Hope this answers all your questions.


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Oh and I pulled 2 maxijet 1200 from the display because the flow was so strong I had no polyp extension on my acros...but soon as I decreased the flow by removing the pumps the polyps began to extend especially purple echno. Flow variation had no effect on cyno and it is red slime.


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2 things
1st, How many hours a day is your fuge light on
2nd, I would ditch the 400 watt M/H over the fuge for something a little less potent. I think you are burning the cheo. then releasing the stored nutrients back into the tank. That why it is only at the top the cheo dies. As for the 30 tds on the R/O, You should change the filters, but I do not think this is your problem. Heck I ran with out an R/O for ten yrs (1 with sps) with no problems. JMO


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Well my fuge is on 8 hrs a day....... I did not think you could burn up cheato??? But I learn something new everyday. Cyno wise though I am stumped..... going to get some boyd enterprise chemiclean to kill the cyno.... any recommendations or any experience with use???


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I too would drop Ca closer to 400. Never saw a benefit from running it higher.

What fish/livestock are in there?
What do you feed?