Anthony Calfo

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Cheers, Randy :)

Quick question about Chloramine.

Will Chloramine at any point (practically, say 1 week or less) dissipate on its own like chlorine in water left to stand... or must it be addressed/removed?

I do have the habit of treating my water to remove it chemically, but wondered if it was necessary for water sitting/stewing long enough (aerated).

Thanks to the Chemist in/near Beantown :D
Eventually it will degrade. The rate of degradation will likely depend on what else is in the water (organics, etc). I can't really say whether aerated tap water would become useful after a week or so. I know that water supplies hope that their water stays free from pathogens for at least that long, since many folks do not use tap water for a week or more when on vacation, and I've not heard dire warnings to flush the pipes on returning (though I always do).

It is easy enough to try and see what happens using a chloramine test, so that's what I would do.
Much thanks for the perspective my friend. :) Picking up a test kit and testing after a week made too much sense to me. Its like asking for directions while lost :p ha!