Chocolate Anyone?


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You know how the kids sell stuff thru schools...

Well, all my Daughter talked about is, that if she sold enough items she would get a Chocolate bar...

She sold enough but didnt get her Chocolate when prizes were passed out.

Yesterday her teacher called and asked if would could stop in and pick up her Chocolate bar for her.
I thought it was a bit odd... Its just a chocolate bar, Right??

5 Lbs of HERSHEY! :eek2:
(This selling contest must have been sponsored by the ADA!)



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if that thing was in my hous that would be all my son would talk about. he's a wear you down till you give in type guy :lol:


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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=9302072#post9302072 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by szwab
he's a wear you down till you give in type guy :lol:

Notice that the kid on the left isnt really smiling.
Its because he is saying to himself, Why is dad holding a camera and not a knife to start cutting up this chocolate bar!

Which brings us to a new rule in the house...

No Chocolate (for the kids!) after 7pm.


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didn't notice at first but that is a very forced smile :lol:

must have been pure torture for him!


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It was, I brought it home at 9:30am and made the mistake of answering his question, "whats in the box?"...

It killed him to wait til sis got home.

Then... After dinner. :lol:


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It's good that is not some kind of power bar or something you'd be a toasted Dad.

Definitely curtain climbers after that chunk of chocolate:D


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Looks to me like he is claiming that half of the bar--look at the grasp he has on it LOL
Too cute and what a fun prize.
Have FUN!!!!