Choice of Stream


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I'm in the process of setting up a 125 gal. tank (72"x20"x18") and I'm on the Marine Depot waiting list for the TS24 kit. I've noticed a couple of threads where the 6100 stream is described as overkill for tanks similar to mine. I'm interested in reusing as much equipment as possible if and when I upgrade to a bigger tank. My questions are:

- are the 6100's too strong for a tank my size?
- are they continuously variable with the multicontroller (seems the only settings I see mentioned are 30% and 100%), i.e. could I set them to run 15-50% instead of 30-100%
- would 2 6000's be enough for, say, a 250 gal. tank?

Thanks in advance for your replies.
i believe the pumps are continuously variable between 30 and 100% but no lower-not qualified to address the size concerns.
Personally I think 2 6100's are too much for a 125. If you run them one at a time and don't have a DSB it could work. 2 6100's are about perfect in a 180. The main problem with the 125 is it is shallow so it tends to stir up the sand. The lowest possible power is 30%.
Thanks for your replies! I settled on 2 6000's and the multicontroller, given that upgrading the transformer converts the 6000's into 6100's. Am anxiously awaiting arrival.