Clam books


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I'm wondering if there are any other good books about clams besides Daniel Knop's. I'm not unhappy with his book at all, it's great actually, despite some oddities in the German translation. I'm just really wanting to learn more. My clams have become my favourite tank inhabitants.
I have been looking for a long time as well and have not found any other books that are very helpful on clams. i have 12 clams in my tank and i want to do everything i can to make them happy. i have read Knopps book like ten times but i
would like to find more. the other reef books i have just dont say enough about clams.
Now don't quote me on this but I heard this from someone or read it on WWM that Barry from clams direct is writing a book on clams.

Ron -
Barry from Clamdirect was posting a link for an organization that sells Inverterbrate Book that has a good chapter on clams. I paid for that book - which was supposed to be out March this year..but I think I got an e-mail that it was delayed. I need to lookup that e-mail and see what happened.

Maybe Barry is writing a book on clams. I'm skeptical because he is already busy selling them. :)

I also ordered that book as well. It is by Robert Fenner and Anthony Calfo. The last I heard that it was delayed going to the printers because it was much longer than they thought it would be. "Reef Invertebrates"

I also saw something about Barry writing a clam book. Daniel Knop's book is great but need something new and more how to care for them.

On their web site, this book should be published this month May, 2003. Has anyone who pre-ordered received the book yet?
Still waiting on my copy of the book. Last e-mail I got said it is to be out this month. I'm waiting to see