Clam expanding too much?


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Is it possible for a clam to expand too much?

I bought a 3" crocea a few months ago, and it has been a stressful adventure. About a week after I put it in my tank, a hole about the size of a pencil eraser formed in it's mantle. It has healed that, and I have been feeling better and better about it, but every day it expands more and more.

It is about 12" under a 400W Radium, and there is also 110 W Actinic over the tank. It's a 55 tall, so that should be decent light. It seems to be reaching though, the mantle is expanding almost 3/4" outside the shell. Should I worry about this?

It is very responsive, it is attached now, and otherwise seems to be doing well. Any ideas?


I won't worry about it then.

I appreciate the response toptank, and I hope your black maxima is doing well. :) ;)
Re: Clam expanding too much?

anathema said:
I bought a 3" crocea a few months ago

It could be that the clam hasn't enough zooxanthellae established in order to sustain itself, so the clam is reaching for more light. Clams under 4" are not considered mature and require phytoplankton for nutritional needs. If you are not already doing so, I would highly recommend providing the tank with DT's phytoplankton or similar product.
I am dosing Tahitian Blend,

I am dosing Tahitian Blend,

Although according to what I heard from a member of my reef club, I have been overdosing so I have cut back.

I used to feed about a 1/2 tsp. a day, now I feed a couple of drops every two days. What is your recommended dosage? I never had any problems while dosing that much, but according to brineshrimp direct and everyone I have talked to I was using way too much.

Could this be a problem, or will the clam be ok with current dosing levels?

OK you're thinking of Golden Pearls. Different stuff. DT's comes in a liquid form, green water. The difference is DT's is alive. AFAIK there is nothing better.


Tahitian Blend

It's a alage product similar to DT's, but it has several more strains or algae, can be kept in a freezer for 6 months, and is more concentrated. That's where my problem was, I was feeding it at DT's doses and there is a lot more per drop.
Our local LFS has been out of DT's for awhile and there was a rep there from LuquidLife USA and he gave me a sample of the product called Bio Plankton which has to be kept in the freezer. This also suppose to have different types of algae. When I mix it with my tank water it looks just like DT's. I know that everything in my tank appears to like it :)

anathema, the black tiger has recovered greatly :)

Any way I can get the contact info for LiquidLife so that I can get some of the Bio Plankton for my clams? Much apprecieated