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On my new 150 i am going to be adding only SPS corals and Clams i was just wondering how inportant is it to feed the clams. Im useing 250w 10K an 20k XM bulbs and also with the help of a Dual Chambered Calcium Reactor. The tank depth is 16 inches. Also there might not be any fish going in this tank at all strikly SPS & Clams. What i really want to know is do you really have to feed clams to live.
Depends on the age of the clam. Small ones (2" or less) require additional feedings, aside from the light.

I have been using (once a week) Kent micro-vert, with no ill effects. Others use Phytoplankton.
I purchased four clams from Barry at ClamsDirect....highly recommended by the way....I was using DT's and Zooplex for about 3 weeks (which I was using anyway with my SPS, etc..) with sucess. Then I tried Koral Vit by Knop....oh my. It was like clam crack!! They loved it and are looking 100x better. Just my $.02.
If you're going for a clam and SPS tank only w/o fish
It means that you wont have much biological load at all.
In this case you must feed your smaller clams, and I'd feed the bigger one too, there's nothing they can get from the water.