clam getting eaten???


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I've got this post on general reef discussion, so i thought i should move it here:

Yesterday i traded in a finger leather frag for a clam, i brought it home and all seemed good, until i turned off the lights and woke up the next (this) morning. The clam no longer has any mantle of the symbiotic algae because of my pair of cleaner shrimp. I think they were eating it, because i didn't feed them last night but their stomachs were full this morning. Also, it is spewing out white sediment into the water, i'm hoping that that white stuff isn't some defensive posture and actually poison to the other inhabitants.

Could anybody tell me what i should do with the clam? Will the stuff he is spitting out kill the other inhabitants?

Right now i have him under a plastic soda bottle cut in half to keep the shrimps at bay? I'm thinking about asking the LFS if they will take it back so they could possibly nurse it back to health. I just don't know why they didn't tell me my cleaner shrimps will eat it!

On the plus side i've noticed my shrimp is pregnant again, so the fish will have a nice little feed in about a week.

Thanks a bunch!
Just did a little research...Just down their is a thread called "A few questions: first maxima clam." Could this white stuff be the byssal gland excreting the stuff that makes the shrimps, etc. go crazy like cat nip with cats?