Clam ID confirm

If it is a gigas I think I'm going to need a bigger tank! Check out the photo!
IT is either squamosa or maxima, the colour pattern looks more maxima but cant be sure without seeing the shell from the side.
Okay, squamosa then. What's the deal with the huge scutes & the mantle pattern does not look like your usual squamosa.
I guess I found an unusual one?
So far guys, the new clam seems a bit skittish. So the mantle has not fully opened yet (or maybe that's as far as it opens).
Acroporas - here is a side view.
top view

top view

mantisshrimp said:
Any pics with the clam open?
Like I said the mantle may be as open as it gets (if it is a gigas).
Sorry about blurryness but I didn't turn my pumps off (I just took the shot through a piece of acrylic).