clam id


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another pic

another pic

Heres another pic of a different clam but same species has same mantle width and the flutes on the shell are very similar these are big clams .


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I'd say you have a very nice squamosa on your hands. I say this mostly because of the large scutes. That is a great specimen in the second picture.

Definitely not a derasa.


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Squamosa, definetly, and a ridiculously nice one at that... What lighting is it under? It looks from the pics as if it's reaching towards the light.. Meaning it's not getting alot of it...

I'd place it higher...

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The clams mantle "wings' aren't like human arms or plants(or corals) which can go in a specific direction all by themselves. They are not capable and do not have the energy to position their mantle flaps at their will. The clam in the pic is getting hit with flow/water current that's why it looks as if the mantle flaps are extending upwards. It looks to be a perfectly happy squamosa.