clam KILLED by flatworm in rock!?! Help


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History, I had another post determining what hitchhiker I had in my rock in another forum, id as a polyclad flatworm, I looked at other posts and other pic's identify is confirmed. Now it was reported to be a snail killer, which it did smae night I got the rock, well below is why I posted a new post to see if anyone in this forum can help, as no one replied to it, even though the thread I posted had over 700 reads.

My clam is dead, not only is it dead there is not a scrap of tissue left, I can only assume it is the polyclad flatworm, this is too coincidental and the clam was fine just last night. Now for all you out there is it possible a polyclad flatworm, can eat or would eat a clam.

Second this is where it takes a real turn for serial, my freind got some liverock from the same place I did Adam's in Des Moines Iowa, he got a worm as well, he said he heard some racket in his tank this morning, and his fighting conch ,in four strides went half way across a 90 gallon tank, guess what was attacking it, you got a it a polyclad flatworm. So will this thing attack and more importantly successfully kill a conch, got 2 of those are well.

Third and this is the real reason for this post, other than to let you all know this thing may kill more than snails. I heard of chemical or product that kills flatworms, will it kill these babies. Will it kill a scallop?

Fourth if no chemical can I bait this thing somehow, I got to get this thing out. Right now I am leaving the light on in the room, not tank, as both I and my friend observed to quickly this thing heads for the rock as soon as a light is on, I am hoping this will keep it in the rock for a week, then I will turn off the light a little early cover with a towl, hoping it will come out on Q. Otherwise I have no idea, I have looked each night multiple times, with a big flashlight.

Last opinions please, I bought only 12 pounds of rock from there, and the night after I got it, bingo snail killer. My freind got it and bingo snail killer he got 30 pounds. Does anyone think it is unreasonable to find at minimum 2 of these in such a small amount of rock, and is it reasonable to ask him for a replacement clam? I don't know, I am aweful unhappy about this, and I certainly hope his tank is not a d*** breeding colony of these things, think of all the people getting these things! I highly suggest not buying liverock from this place.
I dont think it's the LFS fault they have no controll over what type of hitch hickers are on/in the rock they buy. Most rock has hitch hikers on/in it wheather it's a good or bad critter. Do a search for flat worm eaters I read a post about something that eats them.


Sure I will see if something eats them, wondered if an arrow crab would? I understand what your saying about hitchhikers, but I guess I find 2 people who frankly did not buy a lot of rock and both get one, a little out of the usual.


anyone know any way to kill these things, either chemical (told flatworm exit) does not work love to hear otherwise, or an animal that will eat it, or a way to trap it.

I am not sure what will kill it and Im sorry ot hear of your loss...but if ou have a picture of this bad boy could you post it? I really would like to see what it looks like in case I get one in mine. thanks


just do a search on the polyclad name, lots of posts on reef central, some with pic's mine was not a good one (pic). There are NOT the little tiny ones, I think people reading this post might be thinking that or think I am out of my mind, but the p. flatworms are not what you want in your tank, some are predatory, like mine. Please if anyone knows who to kill this thing let me know, I look nightly for a flashlight and have not seen him.