clam placement


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Looking through peoples clam photos, I have noticed that most people keep their clams on the sand no matter what species. Since in nature, some species are found specifically on sand (gigas, squamosa and derasa) and others are found on rock (crocea and maxima) I was wondering why this is so. Also, the amount of people here that recommend Daniel Knop's book, did you notice that he recommends that all clams be placed on rock?
I keep 2 maximas both on rock and 3 squamosas, 2 on the sand and 1 on rock. Just wondering what peoples opinions were.
The only reason I can think of is that T. Crocea and T. Maxima are known as boring clams that will bore themselves into rock for defense purpose.

I personally keep clams on the sandbed to avoid problems with the clam dislodging itself and falling behind the reef structure. Also it makes things much easier if I have to relocate the clam for whatever reason.

I recommend Daniel Knop's book "Giant Clams" because it is the only book related to keeping clams in aquariums that I'm aware of. Besides, any other book (including TRA, Delbeek & Sprung) with a chapter on clams reference Knop's book. So I go right to the source. :) It is THE comprehensive Clam keepers book until something better comes along.

Most clams do better in the sand (captivlt anyways) because unless they firmly attach to a rock or you happen to have the perfect crevice for them to sit in the clam will eventually fall somewhere where you cannot get to it. In the sand they can twist and move all the want and they will just kinda settle in the sand. The other reason clams are often put in the sand is the fact that all clams seem to be prettier when looked at from above....

Personally, moving things around becomes very difficult after a clam attaches to something.
And I also like the idea that if I want a closer look at one of my clams, I just reach in and pick it up. Simple as that. Allows me to inspect each clam at close range when I want, and it doesn't stress the clam out.

And besides, watching the 6 clams I have sitting next to each other go through their 'dance' that they like to do. They seem to dance around each other. Fun to watch sometimes. And they always gather towards each other.