Clean up crew for 180 gallon


New member
I am plumbing my 180 gallon this weekend. Live rock is cured and will go into the tank first part of next week. My question to you is, what would you reccomend as a good clean up crew for the tank? I see that different on-line vendors have different packages available but most only offer packages up to 100, 150 gallons at the most. The tank will have an inch crushed coral sand base. The rest of the tank specs are below.

The tank is a 180 gallon with a 50 gallon sump. I will be using an MRC MR-2 Skimmer, lighting will be 4 x 250 watt mh, 2 10K and 2 20 K bulbs, MRC Nilsen reactor and a DIY calcium reactor.

Thanks for your help.