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Quick question..... i live in Melbourne Victoria.... after spending alot of time at the beach during summer which is slwoly fading away.... i noticed a **** load of hermit crabs at the beach.... whats the difference between using these in my tank in comparisson to the ones that are sold at the local aquarium?

Can these guys do just a good a job?


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how do you know the ones at the beach are reef safe? can you positively identify them? how big are they? will they attack other inverts?if you feel you can answer these questions confidentely then you may already have answered your own questions, if in doubt i would say do not risk it, unless you have nothing to lose, by the way whats the ocean temperature where you are? its cold over here and i want to know if its worth holidaying over there


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Thanx mate!

I would wait till end of October to visit us down here! Starting to get cold! Otherwise... visit far north Queensland.... alot warmer up there!


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the ones on the beach might also bring along dirty/contaminated/polluted sand and particulates, so be wary!