Closed Loop + Coast2Coast + Bracing Questions


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After a few incidents with my Hang on Back overflow box not working out as well as I had hoped I've decided that I am going to put a new tank in place - one that is drilled to get away from an overflow box - however that has opened up a whole other set of ideas at the same time.

I have heard many things about Closed Loops - and Coast 2 Coast overflows - however cannot find any information on the web or in books that can help me learn more about them - my First question is: Are there any links available that anyone can share with me so I can learn?

From my understanding I would be creating a horizontal overflow with two holes on either side. I have a 65 gallon tank - 36 inches wide - so not entirely sure if this is necessary.

I was also thinking that this may be a good idea to put a closed loop system in place as well - using the return line and a SWCD to control the flow - so - an extra 2 holes drilled in the back of the tank for a total of four.. I'm a bit confused about this - as the more and more I think about this - this doesn't sound like a closed loop to me - I would likely need 5 holes - and use that 5th as the input for the CL. All should become clear with more knowledge.

My last question is that - if I went down this path to put 5 holes in my tank - are there any recommended ways to brace the tank other than a center brace? I have currently chopped my brace out due to the shadow that is cast in the middle just due to the small area my MH light has...

All of these questions may have been answered before but I appreciate anyone taking the time at least being able to point me in directions to learn...